The past that makes us

Mysteries and Intrigue

With the moon high in the air lighting the road path "Edgy" Munroe followed the road path.  Using Zalerech Spandogron map as a guide.  Following it for some hours he noticed that it curved towards the ocean, and just before the mountains a small outline of a building showed up.  Having scouted Munroe left and returned to Winterhaven. 


 Adrik, Jarl and Zalerech were at the inn and discussing things with the refugees.  The survivors decided to stay in winterhaven.   Hailey discussed things with Matt and decided to try and find a house here, one that they could spruce up and get that heart wallpaper that Matt liked so much. Zalaron was much more undecided and pondered what to do.  As the party went to sleep they wondered what had happened to Munroe… 


Little was said as Munroe spied the three figures ahead of him blocking the road.  A tiefling, half-elf and human were walking alongside the road, clad in black robes.  As the figures drew our their weapons at his approach his arm blades whipped out.  Dodging lightning bolts and arrows he jumped into the fray.


The tiefling took an arm blade across the chest and screamed in pain as the human mage backed out of the fray.  Munroe smiled as blood trickled from the wound he had inflicted, but narrowly avoided being decapitated.  As a fiery bolt from the mage's staff slammed itself into his chest he beat a hasty retreat.  The three figures did not pursue him, opting to continue along the road instead.


Safely arriving at Winterhaven Munroe grimly told the party that he had encountered "trouble" and shut down for the night…


The morning started off with trouble finding the party.  A nun from the order of Pelor came rushing into the inn, yelling out for Jarl.  It turned out that Emesha, the cleric who wanted to ask the party for a favour, had been attacked last night and had been inflicted with some sort of curse.   The party was quickly escored to Winterhaven's Church of Pelor and there they saw Emesha, surronded by the best healers the town had to offer.  She was not faring well, shivering and the occasional gasp of horror being the only signs that she was alive.  Above her chest was the hovering sigil, which Adrik identified as a dwarven crest, though it being slightly altered.   Even the healing powers of Zalerech were not enough to heal her.


Inquiring with the inquisitors they found out that a witness had seen a human enter the clerics house, and then heard a scream.  Going down into the dungeon they saw Sam, a young stableboy, chained and being interrogated.  The party stepped in and asked matt what had happened. 


"I, I was minding the horses like I always do at my pa's shop.  I heard a scream and looked up, I saw a human enter Ms Starlights house!  I rushed to get my pa but couldn't find him.  I hid behind some crats and then saw the human, with a tiefling and half-elf leave!"


Leaving Sam to his fate with the inquisitors the party went to Emesha Starlights house.  They noticed a descrepancy between what Sam had told them and what the inquisitors said what happened.  Searching the found 2 robes and a large metal bar, that looked to have been used to bar the door from the inside. They deduced that the house had been infiltrated by the tieflign and half-elf, and then the assilants attacked.  Enlisting   Hailey's help, conviently leaving out the fact that this was a murder scene, they found a magically concealed trapdoor.  Inside it was the blacksmith's dead body.


As Hailey ran out screaming Adrik rushed to the blacksmith's shop.  He found the blacksmith hard at work for an order of weapons to be sent north.  He was so busy that he was unable to help Adrik out and instead motioned Adrik to leave.  As a delivery cart stopped at the blacksmith shop the party devised a plan.  Adrik would summon the inquisitors and descertly surrond the place, Jarl and Zalarech would distract the blacksmith enough, Munroe would tail the delivery cart…


Sprining the plan into action Jarl went into the blacksmith shop and used his noble lineage to impress the blacksmith enough.  Unfortunately the blacksmith was non-plussed, and after loading the last crate on the cart went inside his shop to close up.  Tailing the blacksmith Jarl decided enoughw as enough, and promptly punched the blacksmith in the face.


Hissing the blacksmith's  disguise was lost, and a doppleganger looked frantically around.  With Zalarech guarding the door and an angry Jarl glaring at him things certainly did look down. Through trickery and evasion the doppleganger manged to get the upper hand, turning invisble, and then pushing Zalaerech out of the way.  As Adrik rounded the corner he saw the doppleganger running towards the city gate, and alas was too far away to stop him.


Seeing as that clue lead to a dead end Munroe mentioned that he has seen a human, half-elf and tiefling making there way to the location marked on Zalarech's map last night.  Having nothing more to go on the party packed up supplies and journeyed.  After a days walk they spied a fortress, overlooking the sea with the Jaspet mountain ranges right behind it. After considering their options the party decided to climb up to the top of the cliff overlooking the fortress and promptly dropped boulders down on it, hoping to draw out those inside and avoid possible traps. While the rocks did not lure anyone outside they did produce a hole in the roof which the party elected to use to enter. Inside the party spotted a magician and three armored men at the end the hall, the mage turning and seeing the party. The party prepared to fight the new enemy.




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