The past that makes us

Introductions and Foreboding

Having defeated the evil cultists and foiled there summoning plans the party retreated far into the forest to rest up and heal Earl, who had been posioned by a vile trap.


Setting up camp the Paladin Zalerech scouted for the necessary ingredients to heal Earl.  Finding them he applied the medicine and deemed that Earl would be better after a good nights sleep.  The party headed off to recover.   During the night they were interuppted by a small group of people running for their lives.


Their tattered clothes and meager possesions didn't make them a threat, but the party was perplexed.  Before they could react a human woman and elven man ran past them, dodging arrows and blasting wolves.  The party had no time for questions and was found themselves fighting the cultists once again!


Fueled by hunger and hatred the cultists wolves struck first, charging through the front lines of the party.  As the party dealt with the wolves the elites soldiers slowly, almost mockingly, moved forward.  Just as they were about to engage the party the human woman reappeared, a little worse for wear, and threw a fireball at the cultists.


Adrenaline pumping in his veins Munroe rushed forward , downing two cultists.  Battred and dazed the cultists fought back, nearly felling the party, but they were saved by Adrik and the elven man's divine healing powers.


As the last cultists gurgled blood the party questioned the other group of people.  It turned out that a few civilians had managed to  escape and were making their way to Winterhaven, the nearest town.  The woman introduced herself, and was overly cheerful, "Hailey Sumz at your service!  Ohh, you know Matt did a better job at mending those wounds".  Her companion Zalaron was more reserved and a little bit skeptical.


After hearing many stories about Matt, Hailey's fiance, the party decided to move on to Winterhaven with the refugees.  With a few days travel they entered the outskirts, and the refugees shacked up at an inn.   A crash was soon heard as the inn master was thrown out the door and raiders cries were heard.  With the refugees behind them the party could not turn back from the encroaching raiders.


  Insert &#^-kicking here



After the fight the party ran to the inn to investigate the disturbance and found two more survivors of the events at Troll Rock.  Elisa and a small dwarf were regaling there tales of adventuring…  Well the dwarf was while Elisa hugged the crate of ale that she had carried from Troll rock.  The small dwarf was disturbed, talking about how angels themselves came to Troll Rock to save him and that the cultists had died in the thousands.  Elisa was still drinking, but produced a large sack and offered it to the heroes in an amazingly display of soberness.  In it there were various magical items and gold.


The party was well equipped, but fell victim to a most sinister trap.  Just as Clerics of Pelor were arriving on the scene Jarl asked Hailey who Matt was.



1 hour later



The party was fatigued and weakened from the hour long discussion about how Matt was better than them.  While Hailey certainly did have enthuasim and energy she lacked tact.  A cleric by the name of Emesha noted that the party had displayed quite virtuos actions, and requested that they stay at least the night in Winterhaven so that she can ask them a favour in the morning.


Agreeing to the proposal the party went to sleep, save for Munroe who looked at the cultists map they had stolen and noted that the location marked on the map was a little ways north.  Not alerting anyone to his plans he crept into the night to scout ahead…




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