The past that makes us

"So a Dragon Born, Dwarf, Half Elf and Warforged met in a bar"

To say this was the begining would be wrong 

The players were at a bar when the local thieves guild, under order of Dark Aldus and instructed to kill Munroe, attacked.  Blood was drawn as the thugs eliminated any witnesses.  The players handily defeated them and Dark Aldus had to step in.  The bar was burned to the ground as the players narrowly escaped a fiery death, part in thanks to a Big nosed man wearing a purple cape.  As Aldus cursed at missing his quarry they hid away in a carriage.  The Big nose man  talked to them and informed them that Dark Aldus was the thieves guild leader here and was the right hand man of Jahev.  Things were certainly looking grim for Munroe as Jahev was the man who had ruined his dreams and aspirations.  The stranger then asked them to either get the Captain of the guard out of town or to have him be at the Courtyard by tommorows dusk.   The stranger then dropped them off at a safe house where  the party discussed the recent activites and came to the conclusion that the thieves guild was ruling the town and the captain of the guard could not be trusted.  They wanted vengance on Dark Aldus and more than that they wanted justice.  Hatching a plan they decided they would plant incriminating evidence in the courtyard and tip the guardsmen off later.

Before enacting the plan they needed to know more information about the Thieves guild and so they went to discuss the matter with Captain McMulligan.  Meeting the man they found out he was honorable, but powerless in a city being encroached upon by evil.  His troubled manner and handling of matters showed that he would of rather been dealing with the town drunk Elisa, rather then battling the thieves guild.  Seeing as how the Captain was powerless to help the party investigated by themselves.


Through diplomacy, sneaking and dwarven ale they found out the thieves guild was a small shanty house in the northen part of town.  After a brief encounter with Elisa, who was rumbling for money and provided them with armor, they set in motion their plan.  Quickly writing a letter to the town guard, instructing that the thieves guild would be exposed later that day at the courtyard, they set in motion.  Scouting the area they discussed the possibility of a stealthy entrance, but this was quickly defeated when Jarl walked up to the door.  Perhaps Lady Luck favoured the noble as the guards mistakenly thought they were there to deliever "Order 15".  Going up to met the supplier their plan fell in ruins as they came face to face with Dark Aldus.

The fight was feriocious, with more than one party member almost facing death.  But quick wits, and more prevelant a knife to the throat of Dark Aldus' wife and child, ended the fight.  Aldus was spared along with his family, but was told to leave.  Munroe told Aldus that anyone can hide from Jahev, Aldus left, but spouted that he would serve faithfully.



The party then moved to the courtyard, while thumbbing through a damning journal.  Surely this would end the thieves guild reign.  The last pages gave cryptic warnings however, stating the thieves guild was building up power to fight another influence.  As the party arrived at the courtyard at 5 they learned that Captain Mcmulligan had been forced to go back home, at bequest of his father.  Just then the courtyard was decimated with boulders and siege weaponry.  Dazed and confused the heroes realized that the town was under attack.    With morbid horror they realized that the more powerful city members were missing, leaving the town woefully undefended.




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