The past that makes us

Return from the fort

As Alister screamed his last the party was relieved that the fight was over.  Bloody and bruised the party took a quick break as they scoured the room for treasure. Edgy and Adrik found a small treasure chest of gold and disepensed it evenly among the party. Jarl, ever so hungry for greed, shook the corpse of Alister two copper coins dropped from the skeleton which he quickly pocketed.  Zalaerech eagerly looked for a shield or weapon, but found nothing of use.

After the quick break Adrik rushed forward, examining the fireplace where Frostbeard had escaped from.  Noting the design Adrik kicked open a brick and managed to open the secret door.  As the party went down the unlit hallway they found themselves back at the room where they had entered the fort.  The boulders they had thrown down the mountain offering no answers to where Frostbeard has escaped to.  The open trap door however offered more information.  The party descended down the trap door once again and found evidence that Frostbeard had been in the cavern.  The water was pitch black, but with an insidious and murky darkness residing in it.  Heading the water the party investigated and Edgy noticed a small hairline crack in the walls.  Looking through it they could see the mountain side.


Circling outside of the fort the combined minds of Zalerech and Jarl found where the crack in the cavern overlooked.  At the site they found a small part of robe torn on the crack and some black soot on the ground.  Looking around they found nothing else.  Only when they went to get their horses did they find the definitive evidence that Frostbeard had left the area. One of their horses was missing.


When the party got to Winterhaven there first stop was to Hailey Sumz.  They gave her the dark soot and inquired about its origin.  Taking a look she told the party that it was the aftereffects of teleportation, usually left behind once a person teleports.  The party surmised that Frostbeard had escaped the cavern by teleporting.  Sensing that there was no more to be done down this path theywent to Emesha's aid, and helped her recover.  Simply by being near Adrik improved Emesha's condition.

Meanwhile Jarl was attempting to get some liquor from Elisha.  Stumbling upon the town drunk ((She earned the title after 2 days of being in Winterhaven)) he found that her stocks were dry.  Fumbling around inside her coat she produced a fine dagger and offered it to Jarl for some money.  Jarl gave Elisha 2 copper coins in exchange for the dagger.


The party reconviened at the Church of Pelor, where Emesha was recovering.  Adrik briefly explained that the effects of the curse seemed to be allievated when around him but refused to comment.  A groan from Emesha proved that the worst of the curse was over.  Groggily looking at the party and explained what happened.  A human and half elf had entered her building and explained that she was needed at the church.  Before she could leave however she heard the window being shattered and went to investigate.  That was when the tiefling wizard cursed her.  Thanking the party she then offered them a job.


A few months ago we sent one of our own, Jaryn, to investigate the cultists and try to put an end to their evil.  Unfortunatley it has been quite some time since he has reported back. Our last sending ritual had him in the location of Blackwater Town.  Our defences are stretched thin and our agents are easily identified.  We would offer you what money we have if you can investigate Jaryn's whereabouts.


As the party considered her offer Jarl laid down his foot.  He was sent here to find the prince, and find the prince he would do!  As the party argued about what to do, leave Winterhaven to their fates, or go find a prince they had little knowledge about , a cleric of pelor definately said "Winterhavent will stand!  If you choose not to help us or not, Winterhaven will stand!"


The party came to a agreement.  They would return in one month and go search for the paladin Jaryn.  Emesha nodded sadly, but understood their reasoning.  Jarl was impatient, saying he had wasted enough time not searching for his prince.  As the party left, they were stopped by a familiar figure.  That of Dark Aldus…. 




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