The past that makes us


1) Edgys past, they fight at the plains of SOMETHING

2) Edgy gets created, meets captain of the force, goes to baattle

3) During battle a Shar-la-something shows up

4) Past ends

5) Ruffian going through their packs

6) Chase ensues

7) Ruffian dies horribles

7a)  Party goes to Lanwing to investigate princes last whereabouts

7b) At Lanwig they notice ceremonial candles all over the place

7c) Guineve, one of the princes private militia, excitedly encounters them

7d) Party gains a sidekick

7e) Party finds out that Talos, a powerful wizard, may be able to divine the princes location

7f) Party also finds out that the city lies near Redwood Forest, a forest full of spirits

7g) The mayor enlisted the help of Frostbear which "Improved" the defences of Redwood Forest, this in turn put Talos in disfavour of the mayor/

7h) Party goes searching for Talos, find out he is a lich

7i) Party surprisingly cool witht hat

7j) Talos enlists the party aid in killing/interrogating the mayor.

7k) As party goes to the townhall the candles flicker and burn out

7l) Lanwing gets over run by spirits, which take the surprising shape of dwarves defenidng their city

7m) The dwarven spirits  take the players as invading enemies and attack them.

7n) Basically recreation of Adrik's past

7o) During one ecounter they see that Adrik's wife survived the first skirmish.

7p) Players face frostbeard+Alister+Human and tiefling, they are protected by a force shield and calls upon Beelzebub to aid him.  Alister is now a lich.

7q) A huge demon from the forest approaches and summons a dragon to take on the players.

7r) Frostbeard and Alister ressurect Titannia.  They then promptly escape as player kills dragon.

7s)Players appoint Talos as the mayor or Lanwing.

7t) Talos tells players that he has placed a bet with a deathknight Jones.  If the player survive Redwood forest he will get a favour, if not he has to give the location of his phylactery.

7u) Players find out that Alisters "Phylactery" were the two coins that fell out of his body.  Jarl looted them and gave them to Elisa to pay for a magical item.

7v) Talos devines that the prince is in Promethus Peak.

8) Party goes to Promethus Peak

9) Meet captain Mcmulligan, now lieutenant in town watch

10) Mcmulligan wants to take them in for questioning

11)  Guineve bluffs party past the guards

12) Party searches for Battle elites

13) Guineve sees Feyoria, running from large men

14) guineve chases after feyoria, so does party

15) After rounding a corner trap/ambush is sprung

16) From thieves guild, going after Edgy

17) Edgy springs to action

18) Gets surronded

19) Goes down

20) Jarl says no

21) Adrik says no

22) Zalarech breathes dragon breath

23) Feyoria runs like a little girl <—Was supposed to be a recurring theme

24) Party encounters B, leader of the battle elites

25) B briefs party on what is happening, found the Earl Duchy was hosting a tiefling rouge and human wizard

26) Party goes to the earl to investigate

27) Earl is expecting someone, eh wants party to bring him a chalice.  If the party brings the chalice he will tell them all he knows

28) Party goes grab chalice

29) Party gives it to Earl,

30) Battle god V shows up and is like "WTF this isnt a real chalice"

31) Titannia shows up and seems to drain gods powers

32) Battle god V gets pissed off and attacks

33) As balleshfits in favour of players Titannia retreats

34) Players kill the god, Jarl loot her weapon

35) players interrogate Earl

36) earl reveals that the prince may be at the Violets manor.  The human wizard and tiefling rouge took a moving sack there.  Violets are holding a ceremony to honor their dead daughter.

37) earl didnt ask any questions, he owed jahev a favour, a big favour

38) earl needs to go to jahev in a few weeks to discuss the debt

39: Edgy asked the earl to brign him as a "bodyguard"

40) Went back to battle elites, B explained that they need invites, Jahev doesn't like the Violets as they are not in his pocket, so he sabatgoed the hall earlier before.  Security is tight.

 41)  B gets them invite.  Count Belmont a kindly old count meets them at a tavern

42) Belmont is a diplomatic ambassador between the empire and kestrel, he also has his share of adventures

43) Seems to like B, he gives the party invites and says that they are going as a guise as "his sons"

44) Guineve joins them

45) Party gets tailored up, and disguises there weapons.  Will get heavier stuff dropped off.

46) Party goes to the party

47) Mingel and discuss, zalarech gets laid, Adrik finds a secret 

48) As teh Violets do a speech in the main meeting room, explaining why the nobles need to rally agains Jahev Earl Bodyce shows up

49) Earl Bodyce was the suitor to the Violets daughter 

50) As he welcomes everyone Titannia shows up

51) Party slowly backs away

52) Titannia is hte Violet's daughter

53) She talks about how she was escorted from the heavens by the gods

54) She then talks about how vagabonds killed the Battle god V

55) Party starts grabbing armor and weapons, discreetly putting them on

56) Titanna then remarks how she was brought back to reunite the city, no the world, to beat back the darkness.

57) BattleGod V's scythe starts glowing

58) Titannia then points out players, say they killed the god.

59) Players escape through secret trap door into the Violet's Castle dungeon

60) Find prince Kathick

61) Kathick is happy

62) Players escape to city streets

63)  RETCON:  Due to Belmonts help the party escapes via corrage.  They then go to Battle Elites HQ.

63) Find mcmulligan and Feyoria arguing

64) Mcmulligan angry that Thieve guild is holding his father hostage, blames Feyoria for doing a bad ambush and getting jahev angry

65) Feyoria replies back that Mcmulligan cant be trusted, taunts him

66) Town guard shows up to arrest palyers

67) Nigel, disguised as one of the town guard, prevents the town guard from arresting players + Belmont

68) With a chant Feyoria makes the players attack Belmont

69) Players wind up killing Bemont in front of town guard

70) Feyoria corrupts mcmulligan, telling him Jahev has had enough

71) Another ambush is sprung, as Feyoria, Nigel and Corrupted Mcmulligan attack players

72) Players kill Feyoria and Mcmulligan, Nigel runs away.




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