The past that makes us

The Fort that explained it all

Zalarech took up the front as they charged the Mage and soldiers.  Running past corridors and hallways the party barely noticed as the mage and soldiers did not move, instead opting to warn about intruders again.  It was only when Jarl got within throwing axe distance did he notice they were illusions.  As he warned the party it was too late, as Zalarech attacked the illusion.  His throwing axe hit the ground with a clatter and a sharp yell showed that the soldier had been alerted.


Ducking into another hallway the party saw a hidden door, and rushed towards it.  The hidden door opened and they say 5 figures, 3 of them wearing heavy plate mail and shields, albeit with no marking of Nareesh on them .  With a snear they rushed the group with their pikes and a fierce fight ensued.


As the clattering of boots came from the other hallway the party knew they had to get this over, and get it done fast.  They proved up to the task as they recklessly charged the front lines, and they felt the stinging pikes for their actions.  They pushed the attackers back into the hidden room and managed to dispose of them, frantically closing the hidden door.   Lady Luck was on their side as the march of soldiers went by the hidden room.  As they took a short rest Adrik listened intently at the marching of feet.  He noticed that they were patrolling, and with some luck the soldiers could be lured into an ambush.


The elected Jarl to be the bait for their ambush, and as the patrol passed nearby Jarl krept out of the hidden doorway and taunted the patrol.  The patrol quickly followed and the trap was sprung!  Zalarech charged out of the hidden door, smashing the mage straight in the face with his longsword as Adrik pounced on a knight.  The mage teleported back into the hidden room and blasted the party with lightning, as Jarl got battered by the pikes wilded by the knights.  Edgy turned around and charged the mage, taking bolts of lighting and fire as the mage fired back.  Any normal man would of died right there, but with Adrik's healing magic backing him up Edgy managed to slay the mage.


As Jarl wiped the blood of the knights off of his spear the party took a quick rest, hearing no other signs of patrols or soldiers.  A dark thump was heard, and the litany of chants were heard from the central room.  As the party recovered from their last fight they looked in horror as the blood on the ground moved towards the central hallway.


 Taking a look around the party found a trap door to where they had first entered, as the chants grew in volume, and the  thumping grew louder.  They investigated that trap door first and saw that it lead to a underground cavern.  The canvern was mostly filled with water and as such no further progress could be made.


Heading towards the inner room of the fort the party encountered many obstacles.  First was a door, which they easily kicked down, except the door masked the fact that there was a spiked pit below.  As the two guards laughed, jarl cleared the pit and engaged the guards, giving his team mates enough time to climb up safely.  As the guards fell, their lightning pikes clattering to the ground, the party advanced.  They were in a large hallway, with several green vats on the walls. Some were bubbling, some were not, and Zalareech broke the first one.  A fistful of zombies crawled after the group and they fought them back.  As more and more zombies burst out of the goo the party found themselves quickly outnumbered.


Quick thinking, and decisive attacks won the battle though.  The party rounded the corner, where they could clearly hear chanting.  As they rounded the corner to fight Edgy and Jarl were knocked to their feet as the image of a dwarven armored fist went around their bodies.   Zalarech too was affected by arcane magic, but was able to stand up.  Of all the party members Adrik was completly unaffected and as he looked up he was shocked by the two figures standing on the altar.


Beyond the hell fire flames and zombies was Andrew Frostbeard, his father in law and Alister, a close friend of Zalerech.  A pale shadow of the once noble cleric he used to be, he seemed to be more of a wight then dwarf.  Above him lay the same crest that was hovering over the party, and the same crest that hovered over Emesha.  With a rasping voice he raised a bony hand at the party and said.


"YOU!  It was YOU who started all of this.  YOUR incompetence, YOUR INCOMPASSION that has feueled this…"


Adrik roared a challenged and rushed ahead, ignoring all dangers.


"YOUR failure.. Everyone will suffer for YOUR FAILURE!" Frostbeard continued.  As he turned and opened the secret door that was the fire place he left one last parting word "I will make the world suffer for your mistake"


As he left Alister concentrated on some ruins high above the ceiling, it seemed as Frostbeard left that the curse was somehow weakened and the rest of the party got up on their feet and followed Adrik's example and charged.   Zalarech screamed at Alister, demanding an explanation as Adrik pulled out his holy cross and turned the undead.


Alister flicked up in response to Zalarechs yell, barely wincing as one of Edgy's crossbow belts imbedded itself in his shoulder.  With  a wicked smile he said  "Zalarech, the fates said we would meet.  You are here on the day of my ASCENSION!  The day where I turn into a god…  I am here to right YOUR parent's misdoings, the same deed that prompted them to give you up to our church!" 


With that being said Alister focused on the arcane ruins above and below him, and with one hand the flames that were once on the stairwell moved to burn the party.  With the other hand he single handily stopped Zalarechs advance with one purple bolt.   The party members reacted swiftly, either just running through the flames and taking damage, or splitting apart.  As Edgy got further away from Adrik, he noticed the curse taking a greater effect on his body, making him miss shots and taking further damage.


As the flames threatened to consume Zalarech Adrik turned around and healed him.  Zombies continued to batter the adventurers , but with a great roar Zalerech beat back the will of Alister and charged forth.  With this the tide of battle was changed, the Zombies turned back in fear as Adrik raised his holy symbols, and Jarl sneaked in and flanked Alister.


As the heroes descended upon him Alister screamed "NO!  Only heroes rise up against evil.  I am not evil!  I am only doing this for you Zalarech.  I take it on my shoulders to right their WRONGS!".


Those were the last words of Zalarech, as the flames ascneded and raged against the party they managed to push him back and use the ruins to their advantage.  As Zalarech sliced off Alister's hand he gave one last raspy breath, and was consumed by his own flames…







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