Titannia HellRazer


Name: Titannia Helrazer/Summer Violet  

Race: Half-Elf

Gender: Female

Status:  Last seen at Violet's manor, Alive




Back History (Titannia):

The players first encounter Titannia when they raided the caravan. As the party infiltrated the caravan they were spotted by Titannia and her human and tiefling companions. Strangely enough Titannia did not do anything.  When the attack came she raised her blades and attacked.  The party did what the party does and slayed her.  She was then encountered at Lanwig where she was resurrected, carrying with her a black dark crystal.


Back History (Summer): 

 Daughter to the Violet's summer grew up as a noble girl.  She was courted by Earl Bodyce in her early years and the two were going to get married.  Her mother and father built a hall for the wedding to take place in, however ; due to the Violet's stance on the thieves guild Jahev sabatoged and burned the hall.  Summer then died due to disease.

Recent History: Having pissed off the Battle God V the party attempted to calm her down.  This was thrwated when Titannia appeared and used the black crystal to subdue the gods power.  As soon as the battle shifted in the players favours she retreated.  The party then ecountered her at the Violet's Manor, where she was recognized as Summer Violet, the Violet's dead daughter.  She gave a speech about how the empire needed to rally together to face their evenmies and that she was V resurrected her and that ruffians killed their god.  She then rallied the towns people to attack the party.

Titannia HellRazer

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