The past that makes us

The City's On Fire! Up Next: The World!

Fight or flight: the most basic of our instincts. Their hands unwilling forced by mind-raping magic, the party slew their staunchest ally in Prometheus Peak. Town guards acted according to their instincts, rushing in to incapacitate the murderous lawbreakers!

The party acted according to theirs and executed the hapless peons.

Adrenaline had not gone away and neither had the party’s choice. run or fight? As often as the bloodthirsty band uses violence to solve their every problem, their screaming bruises and gushing wounds made a more compelling case today. They used subterfuge at first, evading patrols through Jarl & Zalarech's silver tongues and Adrik's clever misdirection. Edgy's attempts at stealth were eventually noticed, though, and one guard raised his trumpet to sound the alarm! 

Edgy managed to recover, putting one crossbow bolt through the horn to silence it. Seeking a distraction, he lit several crossbolt bolts aflame and launched them into the thatched roofs of nearby cottages! Zalarech looked aghast.

Several of the guards were diverted to put out the blaze, but even more had noticed the light from the flaming arrows. They knew where the outlaws were! Luckily, those outlaws could run very, very quickly….

Weaving amidst crowds of screaming townsfolk and dodging volleys of pinpoint arrow fire, the party fled to the town gate. Hissing blobs of alchemical glue launched by a nearby ballista sizzled beside them: one solid hit and even a stalwart adventurer would be incapacitated. It was time to do what the party does best: make complete and utter chaos!

The screaming hooligans turned disciplined ranks in a dogpile of epic proportions. Under that flurry of tackles, presses and faced smashes, hardened soldiers flashed back to bad memories of big kids. The party strode out of the chaos as enchanted vines lashed around the survivors.

"Over here," a voice from the woods said. "My magic will hold them off!"

The party shrugged and followed the advice of a complete stranger. "Hey, why not?" had worked well for them so far…

After taking them to a forest clearing, the stranger introduced himself as a traveling druid whose "goals aligned with their own." He stayed aloof, cryptic and slightly insane; the last was a trait the party could respect. As the group relaxed, they got to talking amongst themselves, especially to the newcomers Kalea and Wralize.

Zalarech found out from them how his and Kalea's church had vanished. The priests had received a vision that Zalarech would slay the gods and decreed that he must die. Alister, the head of the church, disagreed and captured or slew most of clergy. Those who remained were converted to Alister's side and Kalea only narrowly escaped thanks to Wralize's rescue. and the church vanished behind them both. 

More recent news followed. Kestrel and the Empire were now at war, fighting over Troll Rock…. the city that the Cult of Nerash had invaded and the group unwittingly aided. If the cult's goal was to set these two powers against one another, they had succeeded. Further, the party was now wanted throughout the Empire with a bounty of 50,000 gold on each one's head. Further, Prince Kathek let slip one small, insignificant detail….

"I wonder what happened to those contracts now that V's died…. what contracts? Oh, the ones where I bargained away the battle-elites' souls for their mystical powers. Wait, you look angry Genieve…. it's only a soul, isn't it? OW, dammit that hurt!"

The group broke apart the squabbling duo and decided to set off to Winterhaven. Supposedly there was an Oracle there who might tell them how to settle the issue of the contracts and maybe even figure out what to do next….

They were taken in at Winterhaven, where the head of the town gave them shelter and mentioned that they might find the oracle at one of the smokehouses. Sure enough, they encountered a wizened old man in the first smokehouse they went to! He beckoned them forward and said that they could each ask him one question each….. 


Chronicler's note: Many, many details were missed in this passage. Feel free to edit to your heart's content to fill in the gaps.


1) Edgys past, they fight at the plains of SOMETHING

2) Edgy gets created, meets captain of the force, goes to baattle

3) During battle a Shar-la-something shows up

4) Past ends

5) Ruffian going through their packs

6) Chase ensues

7) Ruffian dies horribles

7a)  Party goes to Lanwing to investigate princes last whereabouts

7b) At Lanwig they notice ceremonial candles all over the place

7c) Guineve, one of the princes private militia, excitedly encounters them

7d) Party gains a sidekick

7e) Party finds out that Talos, a powerful wizard, may be able to divine the princes location

7f) Party also finds out that the city lies near Redwood Forest, a forest full of spirits

7g) The mayor enlisted the help of Frostbear which "Improved" the defences of Redwood Forest, this in turn put Talos in disfavour of the mayor/

7h) Party goes searching for Talos, find out he is a lich

7i) Party surprisingly cool witht hat

7j) Talos enlists the party aid in killing/interrogating the mayor.

7k) As party goes to the townhall the candles flicker and burn out

7l) Lanwing gets over run by spirits, which take the surprising shape of dwarves defenidng their city

7m) The dwarven spirits  take the players as invading enemies and attack them.

7n) Basically recreation of Adrik's past

7o) During one ecounter they see that Adrik's wife survived the first skirmish.

7p) Players face frostbeard+Alister+Human and tiefling, they are protected by a force shield and calls upon Beelzebub to aid him.  Alister is now a lich.

7q) A huge demon from the forest approaches and summons a dragon to take on the players.

7r) Frostbeard and Alister ressurect Titannia.  They then promptly escape as player kills dragon.

7s)Players appoint Talos as the mayor or Lanwing.

7t) Talos tells players that he has placed a bet with a deathknight Jones.  If the player survive Redwood forest he will get a favour, if not he has to give the location of his phylactery.

7u) Players find out that Alisters "Phylactery" were the two coins that fell out of his body.  Jarl looted them and gave them to Elisa to pay for a magical item.

7v) Talos devines that the prince is in Promethus Peak.

8) Party goes to Promethus Peak

9) Meet captain Mcmulligan, now lieutenant in town watch

10) Mcmulligan wants to take them in for questioning

11)  Guineve bluffs party past the guards

12) Party searches for Battle elites

13) Guineve sees Feyoria, running from large men

14) guineve chases after feyoria, so does party

15) After rounding a corner trap/ambush is sprung

16) From thieves guild, going after Edgy

17) Edgy springs to action

18) Gets surronded

19) Goes down

20) Jarl says no

21) Adrik says no

22) Zalarech breathes dragon breath

23) Feyoria runs like a little girl <—Was supposed to be a recurring theme

24) Party encounters B, leader of the battle elites

25) B briefs party on what is happening, found the Earl Duchy was hosting a tiefling rouge and human wizard

26) Party goes to the earl to investigate

27) Earl is expecting someone, eh wants party to bring him a chalice.  If the party brings the chalice he will tell them all he knows

28) Party goes grab chalice

29) Party gives it to Earl,

30) Battle god V shows up and is like "WTF this isnt a real chalice"

31) Titannia shows up and seems to drain gods powers

32) Battle god V gets pissed off and attacks

33) As balleshfits in favour of players Titannia retreats

34) Players kill the god, Jarl loot her weapon

35) players interrogate Earl

36) earl reveals that the prince may be at the Violets manor.  The human wizard and tiefling rouge took a moving sack there.  Violets are holding a ceremony to honor their dead daughter.

37) earl didnt ask any questions, he owed jahev a favour, a big favour

38) earl needs to go to jahev in a few weeks to discuss the debt

39: Edgy asked the earl to brign him as a "bodyguard"

40) Went back to battle elites, B explained that they need invites, Jahev doesn't like the Violets as they are not in his pocket, so he sabatgoed the hall earlier before.  Security is tight.

 41)  B gets them invite.  Count Belmont a kindly old count meets them at a tavern

42) Belmont is a diplomatic ambassador between the empire and kestrel, he also has his share of adventures

43) Seems to like B, he gives the party invites and says that they are going as a guise as "his sons"

44) Guineve joins them

45) Party gets tailored up, and disguises there weapons.  Will get heavier stuff dropped off.

46) Party goes to the party

47) Mingel and discuss, zalarech gets laid, Adrik finds a secret 

48) As teh Violets do a speech in the main meeting room, explaining why the nobles need to rally agains Jahev Earl Bodyce shows up

49) Earl Bodyce was the suitor to the Violets daughter 

50) As he welcomes everyone Titannia shows up

51) Party slowly backs away

52) Titannia is hte Violet's daughter

53) She talks about how she was escorted from the heavens by the gods

54) She then talks about how vagabonds killed the Battle god V

55) Party starts grabbing armor and weapons, discreetly putting them on

56) Titanna then remarks how she was brought back to reunite the city, no the world, to beat back the darkness.

57) BattleGod V's scythe starts glowing

58) Titannia then points out players, say they killed the god.

59) Players escape through secret trap door into the Violet's Castle dungeon

60) Find prince Kathick

61) Kathick is happy

62) Players escape to city streets

63)  RETCON:  Due to Belmonts help the party escapes via corrage.  They then go to Battle Elites HQ.

63) Find mcmulligan and Feyoria arguing

64) Mcmulligan angry that Thieve guild is holding his father hostage, blames Feyoria for doing a bad ambush and getting jahev angry

65) Feyoria replies back that Mcmulligan cant be trusted, taunts him

66) Town guard shows up to arrest palyers

67) Nigel, disguised as one of the town guard, prevents the town guard from arresting players + Belmont

68) With a chant Feyoria makes the players attack Belmont

69) Players wind up killing Bemont in front of town guard

70) Feyoria corrupts mcmulligan, telling him Jahev has had enough

71) Another ambush is sprung, as Feyoria, Nigel and Corrupted Mcmulligan attack players

72) Players kill Feyoria and Mcmulligan, Nigel runs away.


Return from the fort

As Alister screamed his last the party was relieved that the fight was over.  Bloody and bruised the party took a quick break as they scoured the room for treasure. Edgy and Adrik found a small treasure chest of gold and disepensed it evenly among the party. Jarl, ever so hungry for greed, shook the corpse of Alister two copper coins dropped from the skeleton which he quickly pocketed.  Zalaerech eagerly looked for a shield or weapon, but found nothing of use.

After the quick break Adrik rushed forward, examining the fireplace where Frostbeard had escaped from.  Noting the design Adrik kicked open a brick and managed to open the secret door.  As the party went down the unlit hallway they found themselves back at the room where they had entered the fort.  The boulders they had thrown down the mountain offering no answers to where Frostbeard has escaped to.  The open trap door however offered more information.  The party descended down the trap door once again and found evidence that Frostbeard had been in the cavern.  The water was pitch black, but with an insidious and murky darkness residing in it.  Heading the water the party investigated and Edgy noticed a small hairline crack in the walls.  Looking through it they could see the mountain side.


Circling outside of the fort the combined minds of Zalerech and Jarl found where the crack in the cavern overlooked.  At the site they found a small part of robe torn on the crack and some black soot on the ground.  Looking around they found nothing else.  Only when they went to get their horses did they find the definitive evidence that Frostbeard had left the area. One of their horses was missing.


When the party got to Winterhaven there first stop was to Hailey Sumz.  They gave her the dark soot and inquired about its origin.  Taking a look she told the party that it was the aftereffects of teleportation, usually left behind once a person teleports.  The party surmised that Frostbeard had escaped the cavern by teleporting.  Sensing that there was no more to be done down this path theywent to Emesha's aid, and helped her recover.  Simply by being near Adrik improved Emesha's condition.

Meanwhile Jarl was attempting to get some liquor from Elisha.  Stumbling upon the town drunk ((She earned the title after 2 days of being in Winterhaven)) he found that her stocks were dry.  Fumbling around inside her coat she produced a fine dagger and offered it to Jarl for some money.  Jarl gave Elisha 2 copper coins in exchange for the dagger.


The party reconviened at the Church of Pelor, where Emesha was recovering.  Adrik briefly explained that the effects of the curse seemed to be allievated when around him but refused to comment.  A groan from Emesha proved that the worst of the curse was over.  Groggily looking at the party and explained what happened.  A human and half elf had entered her building and explained that she was needed at the church.  Before she could leave however she heard the window being shattered and went to investigate.  That was when the tiefling wizard cursed her.  Thanking the party she then offered them a job.


A few months ago we sent one of our own, Jaryn, to investigate the cultists and try to put an end to their evil.  Unfortunatley it has been quite some time since he has reported back. Our last sending ritual had him in the location of Blackwater Town.  Our defences are stretched thin and our agents are easily identified.  We would offer you what money we have if you can investigate Jaryn's whereabouts.


As the party considered her offer Jarl laid down his foot.  He was sent here to find the prince, and find the prince he would do!  As the party argued about what to do, leave Winterhaven to their fates, or go find a prince they had little knowledge about , a cleric of pelor definately said "Winterhavent will stand!  If you choose not to help us or not, Winterhaven will stand!"


The party came to a agreement.  They would return in one month and go search for the paladin Jaryn.  Emesha nodded sadly, but understood their reasoning.  Jarl was impatient, saying he had wasted enough time not searching for his prince.  As the party left, they were stopped by a familiar figure.  That of Dark Aldus…. 


The Fort that explained it all

Zalarech took up the front as they charged the Mage and soldiers.  Running past corridors and hallways the party barely noticed as the mage and soldiers did not move, instead opting to warn about intruders again.  It was only when Jarl got within throwing axe distance did he notice they were illusions.  As he warned the party it was too late, as Zalarech attacked the illusion.  His throwing axe hit the ground with a clatter and a sharp yell showed that the soldier had been alerted.


Ducking into another hallway the party saw a hidden door, and rushed towards it.  The hidden door opened and they say 5 figures, 3 of them wearing heavy plate mail and shields, albeit with no marking of Nareesh on them .  With a snear they rushed the group with their pikes and a fierce fight ensued.


As the clattering of boots came from the other hallway the party knew they had to get this over, and get it done fast.  They proved up to the task as they recklessly charged the front lines, and they felt the stinging pikes for their actions.  They pushed the attackers back into the hidden room and managed to dispose of them, frantically closing the hidden door.   Lady Luck was on their side as the march of soldiers went by the hidden room.  As they took a short rest Adrik listened intently at the marching of feet.  He noticed that they were patrolling, and with some luck the soldiers could be lured into an ambush.


The elected Jarl to be the bait for their ambush, and as the patrol passed nearby Jarl krept out of the hidden doorway and taunted the patrol.  The patrol quickly followed and the trap was sprung!  Zalarech charged out of the hidden door, smashing the mage straight in the face with his longsword as Adrik pounced on a knight.  The mage teleported back into the hidden room and blasted the party with lightning, as Jarl got battered by the pikes wilded by the knights.  Edgy turned around and charged the mage, taking bolts of lighting and fire as the mage fired back.  Any normal man would of died right there, but with Adrik's healing magic backing him up Edgy managed to slay the mage.


As Jarl wiped the blood of the knights off of his spear the party took a quick rest, hearing no other signs of patrols or soldiers.  A dark thump was heard, and the litany of chants were heard from the central room.  As the party recovered from their last fight they looked in horror as the blood on the ground moved towards the central hallway.


 Taking a look around the party found a trap door to where they had first entered, as the chants grew in volume, and the  thumping grew louder.  They investigated that trap door first and saw that it lead to a underground cavern.  The canvern was mostly filled with water and as such no further progress could be made.


Heading towards the inner room of the fort the party encountered many obstacles.  First was a door, which they easily kicked down, except the door masked the fact that there was a spiked pit below.  As the two guards laughed, jarl cleared the pit and engaged the guards, giving his team mates enough time to climb up safely.  As the guards fell, their lightning pikes clattering to the ground, the party advanced.  They were in a large hallway, with several green vats on the walls. Some were bubbling, some were not, and Zalareech broke the first one.  A fistful of zombies crawled after the group and they fought them back.  As more and more zombies burst out of the goo the party found themselves quickly outnumbered.


Quick thinking, and decisive attacks won the battle though.  The party rounded the corner, where they could clearly hear chanting.  As they rounded the corner to fight Edgy and Jarl were knocked to their feet as the image of a dwarven armored fist went around their bodies.   Zalarech too was affected by arcane magic, but was able to stand up.  Of all the party members Adrik was completly unaffected and as he looked up he was shocked by the two figures standing on the altar.


Beyond the hell fire flames and zombies was Andrew Frostbeard, his father in law and Alister, a close friend of Zalerech.  A pale shadow of the once noble cleric he used to be, he seemed to be more of a wight then dwarf.  Above him lay the same crest that was hovering over the party, and the same crest that hovered over Emesha.  With a rasping voice he raised a bony hand at the party and said.


"YOU!  It was YOU who started all of this.  YOUR incompetence, YOUR INCOMPASSION that has feueled this…"


Adrik roared a challenged and rushed ahead, ignoring all dangers.


"YOUR failure.. Everyone will suffer for YOUR FAILURE!" Frostbeard continued.  As he turned and opened the secret door that was the fire place he left one last parting word "I will make the world suffer for your mistake"


As he left Alister concentrated on some ruins high above the ceiling, it seemed as Frostbeard left that the curse was somehow weakened and the rest of the party got up on their feet and followed Adrik's example and charged.   Zalarech screamed at Alister, demanding an explanation as Adrik pulled out his holy cross and turned the undead.


Alister flicked up in response to Zalarechs yell, barely wincing as one of Edgy's crossbow belts imbedded itself in his shoulder.  With  a wicked smile he said  "Zalarech, the fates said we would meet.  You are here on the day of my ASCENSION!  The day where I turn into a god…  I am here to right YOUR parent's misdoings, the same deed that prompted them to give you up to our church!" 


With that being said Alister focused on the arcane ruins above and below him, and with one hand the flames that were once on the stairwell moved to burn the party.  With the other hand he single handily stopped Zalarechs advance with one purple bolt.   The party members reacted swiftly, either just running through the flames and taking damage, or splitting apart.  As Edgy got further away from Adrik, he noticed the curse taking a greater effect on his body, making him miss shots and taking further damage.


As the flames threatened to consume Zalarech Adrik turned around and healed him.  Zombies continued to batter the adventurers , but with a great roar Zalerech beat back the will of Alister and charged forth.  With this the tide of battle was changed, the Zombies turned back in fear as Adrik raised his holy symbols, and Jarl sneaked in and flanked Alister.


As the heroes descended upon him Alister screamed "NO!  Only heroes rise up against evil.  I am not evil!  I am only doing this for you Zalarech.  I take it on my shoulders to right their WRONGS!".


Those were the last words of Zalarech, as the flames ascneded and raged against the party they managed to push him back and use the ruins to their advantage.  As Zalarech sliced off Alister's hand he gave one last raspy breath, and was consumed by his own flames…





Mysteries and Intrigue

With the moon high in the air lighting the road path "Edgy" Munroe followed the road path.  Using Zalerech Spandogron map as a guide.  Following it for some hours he noticed that it curved towards the ocean, and just before the mountains a small outline of a building showed up.  Having scouted Munroe left and returned to Winterhaven. 


 Adrik, Jarl and Zalerech were at the inn and discussing things with the refugees.  The survivors decided to stay in winterhaven.   Hailey discussed things with Matt and decided to try and find a house here, one that they could spruce up and get that heart wallpaper that Matt liked so much. Zalaron was much more undecided and pondered what to do.  As the party went to sleep they wondered what had happened to Munroe… 


Little was said as Munroe spied the three figures ahead of him blocking the road.  A tiefling, half-elf and human were walking alongside the road, clad in black robes.  As the figures drew our their weapons at his approach his arm blades whipped out.  Dodging lightning bolts and arrows he jumped into the fray.


The tiefling took an arm blade across the chest and screamed in pain as the human mage backed out of the fray.  Munroe smiled as blood trickled from the wound he had inflicted, but narrowly avoided being decapitated.  As a fiery bolt from the mage's staff slammed itself into his chest he beat a hasty retreat.  The three figures did not pursue him, opting to continue along the road instead.


Safely arriving at Winterhaven Munroe grimly told the party that he had encountered "trouble" and shut down for the night…


The morning started off with trouble finding the party.  A nun from the order of Pelor came rushing into the inn, yelling out for Jarl.  It turned out that Emesha, the cleric who wanted to ask the party for a favour, had been attacked last night and had been inflicted with some sort of curse.   The party was quickly escored to Winterhaven's Church of Pelor and there they saw Emesha, surronded by the best healers the town had to offer.  She was not faring well, shivering and the occasional gasp of horror being the only signs that she was alive.  Above her chest was the hovering sigil, which Adrik identified as a dwarven crest, though it being slightly altered.   Even the healing powers of Zalerech were not enough to heal her.


Inquiring with the inquisitors they found out that a witness had seen a human enter the clerics house, and then heard a scream.  Going down into the dungeon they saw Sam, a young stableboy, chained and being interrogated.  The party stepped in and asked matt what had happened. 


"I, I was minding the horses like I always do at my pa's shop.  I heard a scream and looked up, I saw a human enter Ms Starlights house!  I rushed to get my pa but couldn't find him.  I hid behind some crats and then saw the human, with a tiefling and half-elf leave!"


Leaving Sam to his fate with the inquisitors the party went to Emesha Starlights house.  They noticed a descrepancy between what Sam had told them and what the inquisitors said what happened.  Searching the found 2 robes and a large metal bar, that looked to have been used to bar the door from the inside. They deduced that the house had been infiltrated by the tieflign and half-elf, and then the assilants attacked.  Enlisting   Hailey's help, conviently leaving out the fact that this was a murder scene, they found a magically concealed trapdoor.  Inside it was the blacksmith's dead body.


As Hailey ran out screaming Adrik rushed to the blacksmith's shop.  He found the blacksmith hard at work for an order of weapons to be sent north.  He was so busy that he was unable to help Adrik out and instead motioned Adrik to leave.  As a delivery cart stopped at the blacksmith shop the party devised a plan.  Adrik would summon the inquisitors and descertly surrond the place, Jarl and Zalarech would distract the blacksmith enough, Munroe would tail the delivery cart…


Sprining the plan into action Jarl went into the blacksmith shop and used his noble lineage to impress the blacksmith enough.  Unfortunately the blacksmith was non-plussed, and after loading the last crate on the cart went inside his shop to close up.  Tailing the blacksmith Jarl decided enoughw as enough, and promptly punched the blacksmith in the face.


Hissing the blacksmith's  disguise was lost, and a doppleganger looked frantically around.  With Zalarech guarding the door and an angry Jarl glaring at him things certainly did look down. Through trickery and evasion the doppleganger manged to get the upper hand, turning invisble, and then pushing Zalaerech out of the way.  As Adrik rounded the corner he saw the doppleganger running towards the city gate, and alas was too far away to stop him.


Seeing as that clue lead to a dead end Munroe mentioned that he has seen a human, half-elf and tiefling making there way to the location marked on Zalarech's map last night.  Having nothing more to go on the party packed up supplies and journeyed.  After a days walk they spied a fortress, overlooking the sea with the Jaspet mountain ranges right behind it. After considering their options the party decided to climb up to the top of the cliff overlooking the fortress and promptly dropped boulders down on it, hoping to draw out those inside and avoid possible traps. While the rocks did not lure anyone outside they did produce a hole in the roof which the party elected to use to enter. Inside the party spotted a magician and three armored men at the end the hall, the mage turning and seeing the party. The party prepared to fight the new enemy.


Introductions and Foreboding

Having defeated the evil cultists and foiled there summoning plans the party retreated far into the forest to rest up and heal Earl, who had been posioned by a vile trap.


Setting up camp the Paladin Zalerech scouted for the necessary ingredients to heal Earl.  Finding them he applied the medicine and deemed that Earl would be better after a good nights sleep.  The party headed off to recover.   During the night they were interuppted by a small group of people running for their lives.


Their tattered clothes and meager possesions didn't make them a threat, but the party was perplexed.  Before they could react a human woman and elven man ran past them, dodging arrows and blasting wolves.  The party had no time for questions and was found themselves fighting the cultists once again!


Fueled by hunger and hatred the cultists wolves struck first, charging through the front lines of the party.  As the party dealt with the wolves the elites soldiers slowly, almost mockingly, moved forward.  Just as they were about to engage the party the human woman reappeared, a little worse for wear, and threw a fireball at the cultists.


Adrenaline pumping in his veins Munroe rushed forward , downing two cultists.  Battred and dazed the cultists fought back, nearly felling the party, but they were saved by Adrik and the elven man's divine healing powers.


As the last cultists gurgled blood the party questioned the other group of people.  It turned out that a few civilians had managed to  escape and were making their way to Winterhaven, the nearest town.  The woman introduced herself, and was overly cheerful, "Hailey Sumz at your service!  Ohh, you know Matt did a better job at mending those wounds".  Her companion Zalaron was more reserved and a little bit skeptical.


After hearing many stories about Matt, Hailey's fiance, the party decided to move on to Winterhaven with the refugees.  With a few days travel they entered the outskirts, and the refugees shacked up at an inn.   A crash was soon heard as the inn master was thrown out the door and raiders cries were heard.  With the refugees behind them the party could not turn back from the encroaching raiders.


  Insert &#^-kicking here



After the fight the party ran to the inn to investigate the disturbance and found two more survivors of the events at Troll Rock.  Elisa and a small dwarf were regaling there tales of adventuring…  Well the dwarf was while Elisa hugged the crate of ale that she had carried from Troll rock.  The small dwarf was disturbed, talking about how angels themselves came to Troll Rock to save him and that the cultists had died in the thousands.  Elisa was still drinking, but produced a large sack and offered it to the heroes in an amazingly display of soberness.  In it there were various magical items and gold.


The party was well equipped, but fell victim to a most sinister trap.  Just as Clerics of Pelor were arriving on the scene Jarl asked Hailey who Matt was.



1 hour later



The party was fatigued and weakened from the hour long discussion about how Matt was better than them.  While Hailey certainly did have enthuasim and energy she lacked tact.  A cleric by the name of Emesha noted that the party had displayed quite virtuos actions, and requested that they stay at least the night in Winterhaven so that she can ask them a favour in the morning.


Agreeing to the proposal the party went to sleep, save for Munroe who looked at the cultists map they had stolen and noted that the location marked on the map was a little ways north.  Not alerting anyone to his plans he crept into the night to scout ahead…


Sieging and Summoning

Dire circumstances make the most foulest of people work together 


The party was dazed and confused as boulders fell from the sky.  Guardsmen got torn asunder and crushed. Children and townsfolk ran away into the flames, only their screams confirming their fates.  The party recovered and hid in the rubble, getting their bearing.  Sneaking about the party went to the ruined gate to the town and saw several figures in black hoods running about, razing the town.   The town barracks were lit on fire and the town was most certainly lost.  Gritting their teeth and facing hard reality the team rallyed and ambushed the raiders.

Jarl "scouted" ahead and saw a huge warband, numbering in the 1000's. THe rest of the party was still fighting while Jarl  did a "tactical withdrawal".  While rushing down an alleyway, with several raiders following him, screaming dark hymns to their god Nareesh.  As the raiders caught up to Jarl the man in the purple cape , accompanied with Zalerech, helped out.  Zalerech slashed at the nearest Raider while their previous employer shot off his bow.  Now bolstered by new found allies the party quickly dispatched the raiders, just in time as more boulders came raining down.


The purple caped man quickly explained that he was a spy from Kestrel, sent out by Lord Gregory the third (Jarl's father) to watch out for Jarl and protect him if need be. He brought the party to a safe haven and was immediately interrogated.  He explained that he was out here looking after a side project and unfortunately the side project had decided to screw him.  The Raiders were the Cult of Nareesh, a cult that worshipped a dark god. Munroe wanted to wage gurillia warfare, while others wanted to simply leave.  Earl stated that even if they did win here, another raiding party would come up.  They would have to cut the head off of the snake to stop the raiders, but first they needed to deal with another problem.  Up north the cultists had created a summoning circle and was using the blood of the innocent to call forth demons.  The party decided that they needed to deal with that.  As Earl gave the rest of his supplies to Jarl, and told Zalerech to prtoect the noble. He then commented that the party was a shaky one, and might not be able to endure the trials ahead of it.


Taking watch the party members rested and set out to escape the town under the cover of darkness.  At the gate out of town they saw a grisly sight, a huge hook demon patrolling the area.  It appeared that the cultists were succesful in calling demon allies, the summoning circle needed to be destoryed quickly.  Munroe and Earl rushed to create a distraction.  Peril accompanied the two men as earl nearly fell off a house, and the hook demon throwing a house at them.


The party manged to get out of the town however and headed towards the summoning circle.  The cave was not guarded and was almost too inviting.  Even though the party was ready for anything they fell victim to several traps.  Zalerech himself nearly fell to a illusion trap, whilst earl got posioned.  Earl decided to cover the rear as the party descended towards a torched lit room.  The cutlists were gathered in the center of the room, torch light revealing the insignia of Nareesh on their chests.  Cutting themselves and gathering blood into 5 drains in the center of the room they kept on chanting, seemingly unaware of the party.  The party took aim with their ranged weapons from far away and fell 2 cultists as Adrik and Jarl rushed forward.  As they moved forward the trap was sprung!  The cave collapsed on the party and forced them down into the room.  The cultists attacked, screaming blood for their god.  Pushing, kicking and shoving Zalerech onto the drains they spilt his blood and fueled their dark ceremony.


The hereoes immediately recognized their folly.  To complete the summoning circle the cultists needed their blood.  Attempting to defend themselves they tried to fall back, but were pushed onto the drains and the cultists laughed as there blood spilled, seeping into the ground.  The party was weakened, fighting for breath, but Adrik called upon his divine powers and fueled them on, renewing the party to full strength. Fortunately the party managed to avoid fighting on the last drain, and stopped the ritual.  As the last cultist died by Jarl's blade  "You may have stopped us from summoning are lord, but we still have enough blood!".  With his final breath he completed the ritual and several demon spawn lept from their dimension into ours.  Their dark energy synergized and the demons grew more powerful as they gathered together.  So mighty was there power that Adrik the cleric fell.  Zalerech came to his aid, and with their devine magic combined together spurred the party forward.  The demons continued to pummel, but could not penetrate the defenses of a party working together.


As the last demon gurgled and fell the party looted the room.  Adrik found a journal, inlaid with a crest that looked oddly familiar.  Zalerech found what he was looking for, a small map pointing north, a clue to the whereabouts of his missing church.  Grabbing Earl they headed out of the cave and into the nearby forest to recover.

"So a Dragon Born, Dwarf, Half Elf and Warforged met in a bar"

To say this was the begining would be wrong 

The players were at a bar when the local thieves guild, under order of Dark Aldus and instructed to kill Munroe, attacked.  Blood was drawn as the thugs eliminated any witnesses.  The players handily defeated them and Dark Aldus had to step in.  The bar was burned to the ground as the players narrowly escaped a fiery death, part in thanks to a Big nosed man wearing a purple cape.  As Aldus cursed at missing his quarry they hid away in a carriage.  The Big nose man  talked to them and informed them that Dark Aldus was the thieves guild leader here and was the right hand man of Jahev.  Things were certainly looking grim for Munroe as Jahev was the man who had ruined his dreams and aspirations.  The stranger then asked them to either get the Captain of the guard out of town or to have him be at the Courtyard by tommorows dusk.   The stranger then dropped them off at a safe house where  the party discussed the recent activites and came to the conclusion that the thieves guild was ruling the town and the captain of the guard could not be trusted.  They wanted vengance on Dark Aldus and more than that they wanted justice.  Hatching a plan they decided they would plant incriminating evidence in the courtyard and tip the guardsmen off later.

Before enacting the plan they needed to know more information about the Thieves guild and so they went to discuss the matter with Captain McMulligan.  Meeting the man they found out he was honorable, but powerless in a city being encroached upon by evil.  His troubled manner and handling of matters showed that he would of rather been dealing with the town drunk Elisa, rather then battling the thieves guild.  Seeing as how the Captain was powerless to help the party investigated by themselves.


Through diplomacy, sneaking and dwarven ale they found out the thieves guild was a small shanty house in the northen part of town.  After a brief encounter with Elisa, who was rumbling for money and provided them with armor, they set in motion their plan.  Quickly writing a letter to the town guard, instructing that the thieves guild would be exposed later that day at the courtyard, they set in motion.  Scouting the area they discussed the possibility of a stealthy entrance, but this was quickly defeated when Jarl walked up to the door.  Perhaps Lady Luck favoured the noble as the guards mistakenly thought they were there to deliever "Order 15".  Going up to met the supplier their plan fell in ruins as they came face to face with Dark Aldus.

The fight was feriocious, with more than one party member almost facing death.  But quick wits, and more prevelant a knife to the throat of Dark Aldus' wife and child, ended the fight.  Aldus was spared along with his family, but was told to leave.  Munroe told Aldus that anyone can hide from Jahev, Aldus left, but spouted that he would serve faithfully.



The party then moved to the courtyard, while thumbbing through a damning journal.  Surely this would end the thieves guild reign.  The last pages gave cryptic warnings however, stating the thieves guild was building up power to fight another influence.  As the party arrived at the courtyard at 5 they learned that Captain Mcmulligan had been forced to go back home, at bequest of his father.  Just then the courtyard was decimated with boulders and siege weaponry.  Dazed and confused the heroes realized that the town was under attack.    With morbid horror they realized that the more powerful city members were missing, leaving the town woefully undefended.



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