A middle aged women with a wild look in her eyes.  She staggers toward you with the smell of Fellmoon Brew coming off of her breath.


Race: Human 

Status:  Last seen in Winterhaven, Alive


History:  Currently the town drunk at TrollRock she spends her time at the Golden Fleece inn.  She does odd jobs and relies on adventuring heroes to give her money.  Occassionally she has moments of clarity in which she provides sound advice.

Recent History: Punched a noble in the face for insulting the bar wenches at the Golden Fleece.  She assited the heroes in exchange for a few gold pieces.  She encountered the party again in Winterhaven, having escaped the siege of Troll Rock and managing to save the ale to boot.  Along the way she managed to steal some cultists goodies, which she willingly gave to the party members.  The last time the party encountered Elisa she was stumbling down the alleyways.  Somehow she had managed to pilfer a magical item that Jarl wanted.  Jarl gave her two copper coins for it, the same copper coins that came from Alister's dead body.






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