Captain McMulligan


The young man stares at you intently and shifts, almost as if trying to bring attention to the insginia of the order that is attached to his armor.

Status: Deceased

Race: Elf

Height: 5ft 6in

Features: Bushy mustache and a goatee.  He wears an armor with an insignia of the empire on the chest plate.



History: A young noble that progressed up the ranks.  He was initially assigned as Captain Of the Guard in Empire City thanks to his political father.  He declined however, knowing that the position was above his ability and found himself here.

Recent History: His father has called him back to the heart of the empire. He was warned that he was attracting the ire of certain dangerous individuals.  Going back to the city McMulligan found out that his father was being held for ransom by Jahev.  Forced into service he attempted to get the party to help him, by arranging a meeting.  Unknown to him an unknown man lay waiting to ambush the party.  Forutnately/Unfortuantely the party never showed up, as they were doing things for Earl Virgo.  The party met up with Mcmulligan back at the abandonded Battle Elites headquarters, where he was arguiing with Feyoria.  Feyoria then mutated him into a horrible visage of an angel and attacked the players.  The players killed Mcmulligan along with Feyoria.


Captain McMulligan

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