Earl Bodyce


With a hat hiding most of his features, this fellows most distinct features are his long nose and purple cape.  When in battle he flourishes his cape and uses it to hide his movements.


Race: Human

Features: Big nose and purple cape.  Is seen wearing a low brow hat.  

Status: Last seen at Violet's Hall, Alive

Weapons:  An ivory bow


History:  A loyal subject born and raised in Kestrel.  He serves as a spy for Lord Gregory the third.  Additionally he organizes several side projects while on the job.

Recent History:  While at TrollRock to oversee on of his side projects he found Content Not Found: 6368.  Tasked to protect Jarl and provide help if he should find him he… decided to help, but also get the party to do some dirty work.  Asking them to get the guardsmen in the courtyard at 5 he was betrayed by his friends and saw TrollRock be sieged.  Rushing to help Jarl he redeemed himself by providing a safe haven and rest area.  He then instructed Zalerech Spandogron to protect Jarl, and accompanied the party to the summoning circle.  He fell victim to a illusion trap during the attack on the summoning circle.  Thanks to Zalerech he healed up quite nicely.  After escorting the refugees to Winterhaven he split up from the party, stating he had a few side projects he needed to check up on.  He was then last seen at the Violet's Halls for their dead daughter.  It was then revealed he was the soon to be husband of their dead daughter.  




Titannia HellRazer/Summer Violet:  Suitor

Nigel: Fellow worker in the Kestrel Spy division


Earl Bodyce

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