Adrik Bronzefist

"Strength and Honor" are just words to hide his guilt


Level 7 Unaligned Dwarven Cleric of Kord

Personal Stats

Height: 4'8"   Weight: 190 lbs.   Age: 35

Ability Scores

Strength 17 (+3)

Constitution 16 (+3)

Dexterity 8 (-1)

Intelligence 10 (+0)

Wisdom 19 (+4)

Charisma 12 (+1)


At-Will Powers: Righteous Brand, Sacred Flame

Encounter Powers: Healing Strike, Healing Word, Channel Divinity, Daunting Light, Strengthen the Faithful

Daily Power: Beacon of Hope, Rune of Peace

Utility Power: Shield of Faith, Cure Serious Wounds

Hit Points: 63 Healing Surges/Day: 10 Healing Surge Value: 15 Bloodied Value: 37

Armor Class: 23 Fortitude: 20 Reflex: 17 Will: 23

+2 Resounding Maul: +10 vs. AC; 2d6+7 dmg; Crit 19; Hammer
Throwing Hammer: +8 vs. AC; 1d6+5 dmg; Crit 11; Range 5/10; Hammer
Sacred Flame: +9 vs. Ref; 1d6+5 Radiant dmg; Crit 10; Range 5

Skills: Athletics +7, Diplomacy +9, Dungeoneering +9, Endurance +8, Heal +12, Insight +12, Perception +7, Religion +8

Racial and Class Features: Cast-Iron Stomach, Dwarven Resilience, Encumbered Speed, Stand Your Ground, Channel Divinity, Healer's Lore, Healing Word +2d6 2/enc, Ritual Casting (Gentle Repose, Make Whole)

Feats: Dwarven Weapon Training, Toughness, Armor Proficiency (Scale Mail), Armor Proficiency (Plate Mail)

Equipment:  +2 Resound Maul, Throwing Hammer (2), The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd (Heroic Artefact), +2 Cloak of Resistance, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, +2 Holy Symbol of Excellence (Borrowed from Zalerech), +1 Magic Holy Symbol, Adventurer's kit, , Journal w/ Family Crest, Sending Stone, Healing Potion (1), Writ of Passage, 530 gold pieces.


The central moment of Adrik's life was the loss of his wife and daughter.  It was about five years ago that the Orc horde invaded his city-state.  He had recently been ordained as a full Cleric of Kord, having completed his Acolytehood.  When the Orcs arrived, clamoring at the gates and raging against the defenders, Adrik was torn between two duties.  As a husband, father, and member of the ancient Bronzefist clan, his duty required him to protect his family.  As a Cleric of Kord, however, his duty required him to be front and center with the defenders of the city.  He chose to obey his duty as a Cleric, and as such when the horde attacked he was right at the gates, ready to repel the invaders.  He did this valiantly, eventually repelling the horde, but with great cost to the city.  A second force attacked the less defended rear of the city as a diversion, and his wife and daughter were among those slain before the second wave could be defeated.

Even though he did his duty as a Cleric, he has always felt like a failure.  The city was saved, but gone were his reasons for being, save Kord.  He has dedicated his life from then to defending the weak with the strength that Kord has granted him, and though he is often harsh and abrasive he deeply desires to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  This was his calling, and whenever his resolve wavered he reminded himself of his vow to Kord, to maintaining "Strength and Honor."

That all changed one fateful day when he met his Father-in-Law, Frostbeard, for the first time in years.  He seemed different, changed somehow, but was still enough the same person to tear down all the hope and dedication to goodness and righteousness that Adrik had spent so long building.  Being accused of abandoning his family struck a deep nerve with Adrik, and he responded with anger and violence, joining with his companions to assault Frostbeard and his cohorts.  While they escaped in the end, Adrik's inner character has been thrown into question.  He fights an internal battle now, trying to reconcile old wrongs and past misdeeds.

While this conflict is waged, Adrik has undergone some changes to his personality.  He is colder and more abrasive than before, quicker to anger and more prone to violence as a solution to a problem.  He has embraced Kord's teachings more zealously than ever before, and if nothing else he has become a more powerful Cleric than he has ever been.  He throws himself headlong into battle to prove his worth to the only being whose validation matters to him any more.  Only time will tell if he turns back towards kindness and decency or follows his path ever further towards violence and destruction.

Adrik Bronzefist

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