Zalerech Spandogron

The Paladin with the sword of justice, the heart of a dragon and the courage of a thousand men.


Class: Paladin 

Str: 18

Con: 14

Dex: 12

Int: 11

Wis: 14

Cha: 16

Max HP: 82

Healing Surges: 12

Amount Restored: 22

AC: 27/29 (Vs Opportunity Attacks)

Fort: 22

Reflex: 21

Will: 22

Saving Throws: + 2 vs Charm (Broken Shackles)

Resistances: 5 vs Fire, Radiant

Trained Skills: Endurance, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Religion

At-Will Powers: Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Valiant Strike, Lay on Hands (2)

Encounter Powers: Dragon Breath (Lightning), Channel Divinity (Divine Strength, Divine Mettle, Armor of Bahamut), Radiant Smite,  Invigorating Strike, Benign Transposition

Daily Powers: Paladin's Judgment, Martyr's Blessing, Hallowed Circle, Wrath of Gods, Radiant Pulse

Feats: Armor of Bahamut, Enlarged Dragon Breath, Toughness, Defensive Mobility, Broken Shackles, Undead Slayer (Bonus)

Equipment:  Adamantine Longsword +2, Pelaurum Layered Platemail +2, Iron Armbands of Power, Boots of Quickness, Dwarven Throwers, Circlet of Indomitability, Choker of Eloquence +2, Belt of Vim, Symbol of Dire Fate +2, Heavy Throwing Shield, Explosive Powder, Lamp of Disconcerning, Bridle of Conjuration, Oil of Flesh Returned, Potion of Regeneration x 2, Elixir of Dragon Breath, Adventurer's Kit, Climber's Kit, Flask x 3



 Zalerech, sometimes called Zal, was raised by the priests and paladins of Bahamut in a decently-sized temple a bit north of the town of Woodmarsh. His parents, both being blue Dragonborn, had lived dark lives before his conception and thus agreed that their punishment would be to give up their child for a bright future. Zal was named after the previous bishop of the temple who'd passed away not long before he was abandoned and adopted the name Spandogron from his adoptive mother. Being raised as he was Zal learned of justice, virtue and defending the weak.

 As he grew older and gained a more frightening appearance Zal was trained in the ways of the sword and of the paladin. His combat progress was slow but eventually he became skilled enough to help vanquish some local brigands, graining somewhat of a reputation among the locals. One particular bandit known as Wralize the Elven Bastard grew to have a great deal of disdain for Zalerech. One day he returned to the temple after escorting a family to another village and discovered the temple and all of its inhabitants were gone, the people of Woodmarsh having no memory of it even existing. Perplexed, Zal began a journey to find answers to his mystery, offering his aide wherever necessary.

 One particular day Zalerech was recruited to protect the nobleman Jarl, thus helping the son of a lord and his entourage in on their mission. First at Troll Rock he helped the group fend off some of the invaders and then proceeded to interrupt the demonic summoning ritual that was occuring nearby, receiving a strange map afterwards. The map had supposedly once been in the possession of Geshtar, one of Zalerech's old friends from the temple who had seemingly gone mad. Later on while investigating a fortress belonging to the Cult of Naresh Zal encountered Alister, another old friend of his from the temple that he'd played with as a boy, who declared he would surpass the gods and redeem Zalerech's parents' pasts. Zalerech was invited to join his old friend but he refused, thinking his friend had gone insane like Geshtar. Alister's newfound control over the undead and Litch-like disfigurement seemed to confirm this. Ultimately Alister was mortally wounded and fell into his own magical flames.

Unfortunately Zalerech would later learn that Forstbeard, one of his new enemies, and a foe named Tatiana had resurrected Alister as a full lich, Tatiana and Frostbeard both appearing to be of similar origin. Eventually Zal and the party rescued Prince Kathik whom Lord Jarl had been seeking, but soon afterwards encountered Alister once again along with many of his old friends who turned into monsters before his very eyes. Alister has decreed that Zalerech must die. Zalerech escaped alive thanks to help from Wralize and Kaelea, people from his past. Together they returned to Winterhaven, being joined by Razvald the Goliath, and learned that their murder of the goddess V had caused a great deal of suffering and that, he, Zalerech, would bring about the death of the Gods themselves.

Not about to let the Cult of Naresh win, Zal and his companions traveled to the Astal Sea where they recovered the essense of V from her corpse before it could be corrupted by the demon Beelzebeeb. After infusing their ally Gweniveve with the power the group travelled to Troll Rock in search of Elisha, the woman who carried the two coins that could destroy Alister for good. The group searched for her and instead discovered a lost city beneath Troll Rock where a monster named Jacob was creating Warforged infused with the souls of the dead to crush the warring armies of Kestril and the Empire. Jacob was defeated, though he escaped, and with the help of Talos the Cult of Naresh's plans to summon a great demon were twarted. Tatiana however was leading the Empire and defeated the party, forcing them to retreat using a warp gate to the Dwarven nation, still unsure of the fate of Elisha though they'd rescued her companion Andrew.

In the Dwarven capital Adrik publicly declared the king incompetent and thus elections were called for. The party meanwhile agreed to investigate a nearby cave in hopes of learning what had happened to Elisha and were promptly attacked by giant ants.


Zalerech is at a glance a typical Paladin, believing heavily in honor, justice and obeying the law. When given a task Zalerech will do it and commit entirely to the task even if it means personal injury. When it comes to combat he also prefers to fight his opponents head-on, challenging them to even single combat. In spite of these traditions however Zal is known to be a poor liar and generally relies more on his fearsome appearance to steer conversations than his skill with words, though he is known to have a decent wit. Zal is also not above threatening children or suggesting torture though he has yet to reach a point where he would actually commit the deeds. Driven by his crusade to find the lost members of his church Zal has had little time to consider concepts such as family or a new home. He has been known at times, however, to attempt to use his skill with words on those of the opposite sex to serve his goals as his faith has no standing laws on paladins and chastity.


Party members

Jarl – Half-Elf fighter nobleman he's charged to defend, somewhat to his chagrin

Edy Munroe – Warforged Ranger whom he sometimes considers too violent

Adrik Bronzefist – Dwarven Cleric he shares good-natured banter with

Razvald – Goliath Warden who provides much humor

Geniveve – Human Warlock serving as Prince's battle elite

Prince Kathik – Half-elf warlord party needed to rescue

Wralize – Elf ranger and former thief now seemingly ally

Kaelea – Dragonborn Paladin and old friend from church

Andrew – Blind Human Vampire party rescued from beneath Troll Rock

Lost Church Members

Chaplain Dahroul – Male Human in his early fifties 

Geshtar – Male Dragonborn Paladin, considered to be Zal's brother in arms, driven insane and then killed by Alister

Alister – Male Human Cleric, helped Zal defeat Wralize, essentially childhood friends now nemesis

Thremyal – Female Eladrin Druid, were lovers, killed by Alister

Briar – Male Tiefling Cleric, known to be a bit of a wine lover, killed by Alister

Kaelea – Female Dragonborn Paladin, enjoyed living off of the land rather than staying in inns, current ally


Alister – Litch-like being connected to the Cult of Naresh, killed and then ressurected as a full Lich

Frostbeard – Adrik's father-in-law, has connections with Alister and demons

Tatiana Hellrazer – Lady of Prometheus Peak ressurected alongside Alister, channels great divine power

Jacob – Soul collector and master of spiders

Human Rogue – Unknown Alister ally

Tiefling Warlock – Unknown Alister ally

Bridune – Male Dragonborn Warlord, leader of a groups of mercenaries that Zal once battled

Karen – Female Human Warlock, Bridune's lieutenant

Idonia – Female Human Fighter, Member of the Empire's Red Order who once fought Zal and Azriel while attempting to stop a food caravan


Talos – Lich interested in the defeat of Frostbeard

Dark Aldus – Representative from the Thieves' Guild, questionable

Azriel Deckard – Male Human Fighter, leads a mercenary band, two often disagree on when violence is necessary, killed by Alister

Wralize the Elven Bastard – Male Elf Ranger, leader of a group of bandits that Zal disbanded at one point, currently allies

Zalerech Spandogron

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